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This site has been built to help you fellow New Zealanders find the media content you want to watch. With all the viewing options available like Netflix, Neon, SkyGo, TVNZ On Demand and TV3 it is often hard to find the programme you want! Here I list the best programmes and their viewing options.

The New Sky BoxNew Box old thinking?

After a number of delays, the new Sky Box has finally launched. Despite being late to the party for about a decade, it does address a number of issues if you're a Sky subscriber in New Zealand who enjoys watching sports and dislikes using multiple remotes. The box is essentially an Android TV with the Sky App pre-installed. This means you can seamlessly integrate other media apps, allowing you to keep all of your streaming media in one place. No longer will you need to switch TV inputs to watch Netflix and other services, and you can use just one remote. However, the downside to using a Google Box is that it doesn't work very well with Alexa or Apple Home, which creates a new headache if you use those smart speakers. The new Sky Box is designed to have a similar look and feel as the old MySky, so it's familiar in terms of layout and functionality.

App of the Week

Accorn TV is a great library of British Entertainment. It hs the full catalog of shows like Endeavour, Vera, Shetland... This app works on your platform.